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Wedding Speech Online Interactive Course 2016

Are you the best man? Groom? Bridesmaid? On this very special wedding day, you will play a big part but you are unsure on how your wedding speech will go down with the guests.

Are the bride and groom counting on you to have best wedding speech ever? If so you are like many other people out there. 

You have plenty of time to write a speech, it will be a breeze. 

You probably thought that a year a go and time was on your side. Time has gone and you have written a small speech that is deeming to be unsuccessful. 


With many years of experience helping others within comedy, acting, writing and confidence building. We have experience to help you write the best speech that you can. 

We can develop your script over a period of time leading up to the wedding. We will take care of you and make sure you the deliver the most insightful and funny speech.

Don't bore the wedding guests.

What Can We Do?

We can work together with you, to help build your confidence, and make the best of your speech. 

There are four key ways that we will work with you:

       1. Email Support 
       2. 45 minute Skype or telephone call leading up to the date.
       3. Give you a free electric book.
       4. Help to re-write and develop your speech.

1. Email you as often as possible with re-writes of the scripts until we have something that is coherent for your speech.

2. Leading up to the big day we want to see you perform the speech usually on Skype. We can then directly asses you, and help you improve more for the day of the big speech.

3. Free E-Book. The eBook we have developed has been designed especially for the speakers at weddings and it will help you develop other areas, that we can't do via email.

4. Finally we will help you to keep developing your speech until you have something special and that you can be proud of. Although we cannot go overboard with emails, we will go the extra mile when needed.

We believe working together with you and developing a speech will help you and save you a lot of worry. Once more you will be the coolest person at the wedding, and you can go home with your head held high.

Please email us: for more information on how to book your place.