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Comedy Course 
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Confronting your fears and performing stand up comedy is one of the most challenging, exhilarating and courageous things you can do for yourself. Learning the art of stand up masters techniques in connecting with any audience and creating powerful, engaging and direct communication.
This online comedy course will guide you through everything necessary to MAKE IT HAPPEN.
You will learn to be able to see humour in life’s stressful situations and experience a more effective fun approach to life. The course will guide you through the process of becoming a stand-up comedian, from writing your first piece of material to your debut performance.
The course covers:

Communication skills
Comedy writing techniques
Discovering your comic attitude
Examining Stage Persona
How to generate ideas
Confidence building
Developing performance and public speaking ability
Stage Technique


Comedy Online Course Delivery - 5 Weeks

The course will be ran over 5 weeks. From the day of booking onto the course, up until the last course module. You will be provided with one course module to complete each week. We will give feedback on modules that require your writing skills. Feedback and support will be delivered via email. There will be 5 modules to complete. Once you have completed the comedy course, you will gain knowlege of how to deliver a great routine and of various details of the comedy industry. 
You will be ready.


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