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Working Together

United to Achieve
Working together with clients and connecting small businesses to the online world is a passion of mine. Working with me will give you the unique touch that most advertising agencies are missing. I am able to work closely with clients on their projects.

Retainer Service
I am able to offer you are unique tailored service that can combine everything that is listed in services section. An example of a retainer service could be me working with a company for 12 months during startup and working on some variables from the services section. Such as SEO and Social Media Campaigns. You will hire my service and I will work with you to achieve success in your start-up. I will provide sufficent evidence to you show you that I'm working for you.  For further information on my retainer service please email me on

One Off Service
From the list of marketing services we can work with you for a set amount of hours to deliver your projects needs. Such as auditing your website and checking all the seo requirements are in place. Or managing your google analytics account for a month to make sure everyting is in working order. Please see the fee's section for pricing.