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EgoChuckles Online Marketing offers a complete bouquet of branding & identity, advertising, social media, marketing services, effectively addressing all your business-development needs.

Our marketing services go above and beyond what companies need. We have several online marketing packages including;  1. Analytics 2. Converstion Optimisation 3. PPC Advertising 4. Search Engine Optimisation - Backend 5. Social Media Account Management

1. Analytics - Google Bing Yahoo

As an online marketing consultant that fully understands the importance of data and how it affects your business. We will install and monitor your google analytics. We will track your data history and help you understand 'what it is telling you' about your business in an effective way. Finally, seeking out stratergies to help you develop your business and brand.

2. Conversion Optimisation Audit and Summary

Auditing your website. Gathering information about your customers behavior when they land on your website. Finally offering optimisation stratergies that will help develop your business model and grow your business.

3. PPC Advertising

Running an advertising campaign to generate leads through google bing and other search engines. PPC is a highly cost-effective method of advertising on both search engines and websites. You only ever pay when a user clicks on your ad, and you control how much you pay for each click. You decide how much budget to allocate per day, week or month. This can be implemented on google, bing, baidu, yahoo. All of the top search engines.

4. SEO Back End - Search Engine Optimisation

There are many variables that will help you get noticed on search engines, but if google spots any mistakes such as duplicate copy of title tags and links they will punish you and put you down in the rankings. To be clear, sprucing up your back-end seo will deliver results. By checking this and fixing the problem you will gain an advantage on other online businesses. 

5. Social Media Account - Consultant

Helping businesses to make leads and sales through social media accounts. Developing top performing social media campaigns and devising social media stratergies that will help your business with is expotential growth. We manage social media on yourr behalf such as facebook, instagram, twitter. 

EgoChuckles has been known for its ability to create rich, effective, target-driven and result-oriented advertising in different media. Whether you are looking to create advertisements for social media, youtube, web sites, Ego Chuckles has the skills and experience needed to deliver high-quality advertising content that meets your specific needs.
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